i.e. consulting
the investment

You found a few interesting offers from couple of developers and you don’t know which one to choose?


We are pleased to inform you that we are the first market player who provides concierge service within interior design. Concierge: Comprehensive assistance for everyone who would like to buy, design or finish-up their own apartment/ house! *

You receive:

–  Professional service and “body-scanning” of selected apartments for compliance with the after-mentioned points highlighted in red:

– Interior design projects of all premises indicated by you (designs created individually for you)

– ! Access to a Client Panel, which includes detailed reports and photographs of e.g. every visited project implementation – all divided into thematic sections. Each section covers not only a photo summary but also our comments that clarify, explain and suggest how the situation presented in the pictures can be solved. Panel attachments include all essential documentation.

– Support of cultured people, company of whom you will not be embarrassed and whose work will help you come to a good apartment decision

– Upon request we are available for you 7 days a week.

Since many years we have worked for developers, by developers and with developers. We know this business inside out, from both technical and formal point of view.

Owing to the above-mentioned we can objectively assess every investment, housing estate, apartment, business or office premises in terms of:

  • ! Standard of completion of the premises and its compliance with applicable norms
  • Compliance of standard of completion with developer agreement/ booklet
  • Assessment of every available technical documentation
  • ! Examination of land register entries
  • Post-completion Documentation
  • Compliance of Developer Agreement with the Act on Protecting the Rights of Purchasers of Apartments and Houses, dated September 16, 2011 (came into effect April 31, 2012)
  • ! Value for money (!)
  • Most of all: finishing up the apartment according to Your individual needs and requirements (project included in the price of concierge service)


If you choose to work with Perfect Space, you will also receive professional support and assistance already at the stage of looking for your own apartment. Consequently we will help you go through the stage of accepting premises from developer, we will prepare interior design project, we will take care of finishing up of the premises, and at the very end you will receive the keys to the completed, your most private place on Earth – chosen not by accident J

There is no room for spontaneity – with firm steps we will guide you seamlessly from concept through to completion. That is why it is so important to choose wisely. And wise choices are safer when supported by professionals.

We are meticulous, and when we find anything wrong we will not let go, standing ALWAYS on the side of the Client. If you are tired of “proficient” services of various agencies, other “specialists” who know nothing and cannot answer directly to any of your questions, contact us.

We won’t give you anything that doesn’t suit you. We simply don’t have interest in it – we don’t collect any commissions from sellers. We charge only one-off fee from you, which may no to be the most comfortable option, but fairly provides you with our time and true support. We always have only one “employer” and we always play in one team – Yours.

*Currently Concierge service is provided only to those Clients who are interested in buying a new apartment, in a shell unit

Price: set individually, determined by the number of premises to “scan” and design