Warsaw Interior Design & Construction

There are three reactions to design:
yes, no or WOW!
WOW is our goal.

~ Milton Glaser

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Much more than just architects

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Much more than
just architects

We are much, much more - a design office, a finishing company, author's supervision, technical audit/house acceptance, decorating services, home staging, investment consulting... these are just some of the things we can do for you. Above all, we are a coordinated group of specialists from various fields who share one goal - your satisfaction.

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All at once

We handle the entire process related to the selection, design, finishing, furnishing and decorating of the premises.

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Our services are carried out on a turnkey basis, within a specified period of time and without burdening you with any stress related to the design and finishing.

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No subsidies guaranteed, and there’s more - highest service quality, warranty and full after-sales service. We do it right!