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We work for our clients since 2008. We share our passion and at the same time we help to create for our clients a place they have always dreamed of. During our work we set a new customer service standard uknown in Poland. When you work with us, your only duty is to move in. The rest is up to us.

Scope of services for retail investors:

  • assesment and help in buying premises (concierge)
  • interior design
  • complex turnkey projects (everything connected with finishing and move is our, not your, concern)
  • makeovers
  • home staging
  • everything is taken care of conveniently and in one place


Scope of services for wholesale

  • sale suport, branding, marketing
  • sales office opening/ managing
  • show flats
  • turnkey apartments


Do not hesitate to contact us!

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16.03.2018   Więcej >

Zoning in interior design – one room with several function

In modern interior design, we strive for maximum space opening. The basis of the modern interior arrangement is the separation of functional zones, which...
02.03.2018   Więcej >

Interior designers advises: a washing machine in the bathroom arrangement

For many years, the washing machine was perceived as an unsightly necessity. This is the time to change it! More and more often we...
08.12.2017   Więcej >

Interior designers advises on mezzanine in interior arrangement

In recent years, development companies have been striving to minimize the size of premises. We are looking for solutions that allow us to use...
01.12.2017   Więcej >

Interior designer vs smog. Indoor plants that improve air quality

Smog (english smoke + fog) is defined as an undesirable atmospheric phenomenon caused by human activities and adverse natural phenomena, such as hazy and...
17.11.2017   Więcej >

Interior designer advises: how to choose the right kitchen countertop?

Countertop is the most used, the largest horizontal surface in the kitchen. Its choice determines the success of the arrangement. Interior designers strive to...
03.11.2017   Więcej >

Interior designer advises on bedroom lighting

Bedroom is a place for a moment of silence and regeneration. Its arrangement influences the effectiveness of rest and quality of sleep. The lighting...
20.10.2017   Więcej >

Interior designer advises: floor in the kitchen

The kitchen floor is one of the most used surfaces at home, so it is important to choose the appropriate material. It is also...
13.10.2017   Więcej >

Is the wooden floor better painted or oiled?

Wood is constantly popular. It proves itself in classical and modern arrangements. Wood has noble appearance, emphasizing character of the interior and warming it...

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Welcome to the PERFECT SPACE website, the only Polish company dealing in complete customer service for the purchase, design and finishing of apartments, service premises and turnkey offices.

Packages of interior design

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Thinking about our individual clients, we have prepared 3 different finishing packages that take into account various needs, preferences and financial abilities.


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From 2008 we are making interior projects. Functional interior systems, visualizations, water and sewage systems, electrical systems, additional audio-video installations, comprehensive valuations and full authorial supervision of the projects carried out.