04 October 2019

Blue is the new gray: Interior design ideas with blue

A cool shade of gray has been dominating interior design for years. You’ve probably seen it in many of our projects. Recently, however, people have rediscovered the joy of adding color to their interiors. The hottest of all? Undoubtedly blue.

This timeless color has become a fashionable but classic choice to liven up the decor of any style without interfering with other colors or overloading your senses. If your home is a little all over the place, maybe the blue sky will hear upon you.

Blue and white

Blue sky with white fluffy clouds is a classically beautiful view that we could look at all day. One of the reasons blue and white are such a powerful pair is that the bright blue colors make the white elements appear extremely saturated, which means that the white accents will look simply striking. Another reason is that this combination looks so natural that the blue can almost go unnoticed.

Photo: cuisine heavenly nest https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/niebianskie-gocketko/

The saturated blue sky shown here is not overbearing, and the interior still appears to be a desirable “white kitchen.”

Photo: sofa from https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/warszawski-eklektyzm/

You can add a lot of blue to the space and still don’t feel like this bold shade is taking too much of the picture. Even this modern blue upholstered sofa seems light.

Photo: bathroom from https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/niebieskie-migdaly/

The blue whitening effect is particularly visible in the bathroom with a classic white sink and bathtub.

Photo: salon from https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/pogoda-ducha/

In combination with a diverse palette of neutral shades, the blue of the sky introduces a sense of color without attracting attention. In fact, the way it contrasts with warm neutral dyes, such as sand beige, helps bring out hidden shades. Notice how slightly gray sofas and wooden elements bring a breath of freshness. The overall effect is subtle and calm, but not so colorless.

Photo from: https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/z-domieszka-blekitu/

Blue also has dramatic, modern designs. Try mixing it with a contrasting black and white background.

Photo from: https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/cicha-dolina/

The real magic of blue, however, comes from how it can be combined with bold shades, as well as silent neutrals. Like a favourite pair of jeans, the blue wall may blend in with the background when used with more colorful elements, so the overall look is rich in colors but not distracting.

As I wrote earlier, blue is strikingly beautiful as a tone in a tone, with contrasting shades that easily blend with each other, even if some have notes of different shades.

Photo: children’s room from https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/cicha-dolina/

Because blue is almost neutral, it can help filling the gap between neutral and vibrant colors in a room, making the whole space seem more harmonious. If this room had neutral walls and upholstery, the Persian style rug would be a great contrast, but there are many elements here that set the eye in motion, and things do not seem too eclectic.

Photo: bedroom from https://perfectspace.pl/pl/blog/pogoda-ducha/

In this bedroom, the blue wall is the background, making the room look calm and balanced. No color stands out completely, blue doesn’t absorb it either.

The ability to customize the blue color makes it an excellent choice for areas that are sometimes filled and sometimes empty. Go ahead, dream of a world of blue sky – and make it happen in your home.


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