29 November 2019

Is Wilanów a good place for foreigners?

You come from another country, are coming back from emigration, or maybe you know someone who comes from abroad to Warsaw and does not know where to settle down? The answer is very simple – Wilanów! This historically rich district of our capital has a lot to offer to visitors from other countries.

What does Wilanów have to offer to foreigners?

1. Foreign language schools in Wilanów

Migration with children? No worries. There are several bilingual schools to choose from, which either teach in English or have programs that teach another core curriculum, most often British. Thanks to it, students after graduating from school can apply for admission to large foreign universities. You can apply for a child of any age, because there are kindergartens, such as Kids’ Academy Preschool, through Szkoła Podstawowa nr 169 im. Orła Białego with Bilingual Departments or a private high school such as Akademeia High School. So you don’t have to worry about educating your children.

2. Language schools in Wilanów

We live in a time when traffic between borders is no longer surprising. Language schools are aware of the demand for their services, so they are constantly looking for opportunities to expand their offer. It is no different in Wilanów – this district offers a wide selection of schools teaching foreign languages, but there’s more! In addition to standard choices, such as English, German or Italian, Wilanów schools – such as LeCoZ Language Education, The Royal School or The Palms – also offer Polish language courses for those who are having troubles sleeping because of our native tongue twisters.

3. Apartments for sale / rent

Recently, I devoted the entire entry to seeking the answer to the question “Why are apartments in Wilanów so expensive?” but the truth is that apartments are not too expensive there. They are not too cheap either. Prices fluctuation is not really surprising – a square meter of developer standard housing usually costs between six and ten thousands PLN. The standard area does not exceed 60 m2, which allows convenient and comfortable interior design, without generating large electricity and heating bills. Despite the decreasing number of apartments on the primary and secondary market, it is still not difficult to find a suitable accommodation, whether through the agency or the Internet.

4. Culture and religion in Wilanów

Most Poles know that Wilanów has a rich history, but what about people from abroad? Well, in the district itself, they will find answers to their questions. Hungry for knowledge can visit the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace in Wilanów, which offers attractive workshops in English, from history lessons to calligraphy. If you feel that it’s not enough, you can visit – multiple times – the Wilanów Culture Center, where concerts and art exhibitions take place, as well as gymnastics, music, dance or karate classes.

Wilanów also doesn’t forget about other religions. The district has a mosque and a Muslim center, as well as a Buddhist Association.

5. Which nationalities can we find in Wilanów?

Is Wilanów a friendly place for foreigners? Yes! According to statistical offices, the number of people settling in Warsaw for permanent residence increases every year. It means that it’s easier to meet your countryman on the street, and native dialects are heard more often in bars and stores. The diversity of cultures is also noticeable in Wilanów, where, according to report from July this year published by the Warsaw City Office, over 2,200 citizens of other countries – including Great Britain (47) or France (40) registered for permanent residence and Belarus (132) or South Korea (127) registered for temporary stay. As we have November, we can safely assume that this number has increased accordingly since then.

6. Wilanów is waiting to be discovered

Man does not live by culture alone, so I decided to remind my other entry ‘Places in Wilanów that are worth visiting’ – not necessarily the Palace itself. This district cannot be denied that it is full of life, culture and change, which we can become part of.


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