27 September 2019

Unbelievable yet true… statistics about Wilanów!

Wilanów is currently very popular among people who are planning to buy real estate in the capital. It is hardly surprising, since even according to researchers from the Mazovian Center for Regional Research, Wilanów is a district with the highest level of attractiveness of living conditions. However, are all statistics in favor of Wilanów? Well, not necessarily.

233 – 233% more people has been permanently registered in Wilanów since 2005. This is one of the fastest growing districts of Warsaw – only Białołęka gained more new residents last year. Currently, Wilanów has as many as 35,000 inhabitants. Officials from Wilanów even made special calculations on this occasion. It turned out that the 35-thousand resident of the district is … two-year-old Ala.

89 and 81 years old – this is the average life expectancy of men and women from the Wilanów area. According to the Warsaw residents’ health situation report, the residents of this district live by far the longest – a statistical Warsaw’s man lives 76 years, and a Warsaw’s woman – 82 years. Interestingly, Warsaw is no exception: in many European capitals one can observe a large variation in life expectancy depending on the district of residence.

PLN 10,697 – this is the average price per square meter of housing on the secondary market. As a result, Wilanów is currently the sixth most expensive district of the capital when it comes to prices of this type of property. Interestingly, a year ago, the local apartments were up to 7 percent cheaper. High rates of premises from the secondary market are largely due to the policy of the developers themselves, who willingly locate investments of a slightly higher standard in the district. And the more prestigious the area, the higher the prices of real estate from the secondary market.

6 – only so many public kindergartens operate throughout Wilanów, although this district boasts the highest birth rate (15.8) and the highest number of births (20.4) per 1 thousand population. What’s more, only one public kindergarten operates in the famous Miasteczko Wilanów, although the estate is inhabited by many families with small children. The problem with access to kindergartens is so serious that last year, nearly 140 three-year-olds from the district ran out of recruitment space.

59% – so many residents of Wilanów believe that their district is poorly connected with other parts of the city and that they are not able to comfortably reach the center. Residents of Wilanów also often complain about too few bus stops (40%) and insufficiently lit streets and pavements (33%). Even people living in the famous Miasteczko Wilanów have no reason to be happy. Many residents of this housing estate complain of its poor development: no parking, too little green space or inadequately prepared playgrounds.

49 100 – that’s how many results Google finds after entering the word “Lemingrad”, which is the colloquial term for Wilanów. This name comes from the word ‘lemming’, which stereotypically means a voter of Platforma Obywatelska – Wilanów is considered a bastion of this political party. The extraordinary popularity of this term is best evidenced by the fact that “Lemingrad” even has its own entry on English-language Wikipedia.

43 – this many Wilanów projects were allowed to be voted on during the 6th edition of the Civic Budget (for 2020). All over Warsaw this year, it was allowed to vote for as many as 101 city-wide and 1324 district projects. Which of them received the most votes and thus will be implemented next year? We will find out this already on October 3 at 6 pm at a special gala in the Palace of Culture and Science.


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