16 September 2019

Sauna – healthcare interior design

How to find a relaxing moment in the winter evenings? What is getting increasingly popular at our homes these days, making every day the best it can be? Sauna becomes a place of wellness and spiritual renewal. There are different types of saunas: dry (ie. Swedish), wet (ie. Finnish), herbal-steam and infrared.

The history of saunas in Central Asia dates back to the seventh century before Christ. Its qualities were also appreciated by the ancients. Most of its popularity was gained in Scandinavia, where tradition was cultivated. It was in the sauna, where Martti Ahtisaari and Urho Kekkonen undertook diplomats, including – the Nikita Khrushchev.


Appropriate conditions

One of the advantages of the sauna is a salutary impact on the health of users, in particular pressure control. It has cleansing properties, improving detoxification of the body and organism hardening. Please remember, that before use, you are advised to seek medical consultation.

The key is to maintain an appropriate dependence between room temperature and the degree of humidity. It is understood that it should be based on the „ sum right”, which implies that the sum of degrees of temperature in °C and the humidity in percent oscillates around 110.

In dry saunas it is recommended to keep the dependence of temperature of approx. 100°C and a relative humidity of approx. 10% (or 80-90°C, assuming 20-30% of humidity). With respect to the steam sauna, it is assumed that the temperature is 50-60°C and the humidity 50-60% (or 40°C and 100% of humidity). For supporters of optimal solutions it is recommended to choose infrared sauna, where the temperature does not exceed 40-60°C, and the degree of humidity – 25%.


The use of high quality materials

What prove themselves in sauna, depending on the type of it, are: electric, wood burning or steam stoves and ceramic infrared heaters.

Interior of wet and steam sauna is characterized by a high degree of humidity and high temperature. That is why it should be tightly isolated from the other rooms. Due to the interior specifics, it is recommended to use only water-resistant materials, with a high degree of resistance to both chemical and mechanical damages. Depending on the type of sauna, the application will find ceramic tile, wood paneling or wood balls. It is recommended to use species such as fir Canadian, Scandinavian spruce and cedar, which are a good alternative for native trees. Please remember, that wooden pieces of equipment require adequate impregnation.

The individual layers of wooden walls are parted with mineral wool (approx. thickness of 5 to 10 cm), which guarantees proper thermal insulation of the interior. That allow to reduce heat loss, maximize heating rates and minimize operating costs at the same time.

At the early stage of interior design it is advisable to take into account the outflow of water, which will allow the current maintenance of cleanliness in the room. You should also remember about adequate air circulation, which should be taken into consideration at the early stage of drafting the interior design project. What is also important, is an effective ventilation system, maintaining the sauna in good condition.

The main advantage of infrared sauna is the ease of installation and reduced technical requirements of the recommended solutions. Infrared can be connected to an electrical outlet.


Details that make the interior special

Character of the interior is underlined by appropriate lighting system. The corresponding intensity and color of light affects the possibility of relaxation. It is not recommended to use ceiling lighting, but – dimmed light source mounted on the walls and the lower levels – the seats and the floor. Manufacturers meet the needs of sauna lovers, offering a vanguard decoration lighting such as light band or light waves, which give the interior a unique character. It should be noted, that you have to remember to keep the right distance from the electrical furnace and to secure them by waterproof cloches.

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